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Choosing A Coffee/Cocktail Table

There are many extraordinary table designs. Choosing the right table does not have to be a difficult process. Use these simple steps when choosing the right coffee table.

Purpose –
Do you want the ]table to hold drinks or books; do you need additional storage or seating; do you want somewhere to put your feet; or, do you simply want to add a beautiful element in your space.

Size –
Measure the seat height of your sofa height and choose a table that is no lower than 1" to 2" than your sofa seat height. Choose a coffee table that is two-thirds the size of your sofa. Leave approximately 12" to 18" from the edge of the sofa to the coffee table and allow for 30" from the edge of the coffee table to a cabinet or console.

Shape –
A rectangular or square table works in most every space. A round coffee tables is best if you have children (no sharp edges) and a round shape also provides a nice contrast to the square elements in your space.

Texture –
Consider a able that adds a new texture to your space - metal, glass, shagreen, lacquered, or fabric. Or consider a unique element like a vintage train cart. If you want your space to feel more open, choose a table with a metal base and glass top. A grouping of tables like two matching side tables or stools is also a great alternative to a single coffee table.