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Farrow & Ball's Newest Collection Will Turn Your Walls into a Statement

Designed by Christopher John Rogers, these 12 new paints and three wallpaper patterns spotlight bold colors and soft, charming neutrals for a lively feel.

Farrow & Ball just launched a stunning new collection, and your walls have never had more potential: named Carte Blanche, the line comes with 12 colors and three wallpaper patterns, all designed in collaboration with renowned fashion designer Christopher John Rogers. It's filled with bold statement colors and soft, charming neutrals for an exciting, playful feel for any style.

Rogers's work takes inspiration from his family and childhood in Louisiana, where he grew up. Whimsy and color define his designs and place a unique emphasis on emotional creativity and self expression. This is Farrow & Ball’s first ever collaboration with a fashion designer. 

The 12 colors to explore in the collection each come with cheerful names and backstories:

Hog Plum No.CB1
Muddied yellow inspired by the bittersweet Hog Plum itself

Roasted Macadamia No.CB2: soft, light brown neutral shade

Shallot No.CB3: bright and airy pink that echos a muted color of a shallot

Romesco No. CB4: bold, rich rouge that stands out without overwhelming

Cardamom No.CB5: warm, neutral brown

Raw Tomatillo No.CB6: vibrant, charming light green shade inspired by a classic family dish

Lobster No.CB7: another Louisiana-inspired shade representing the state’s blue lobsters

Sardine No.CB8: silver blue combination that follows the inspirational trend of food and family

Au Lait No.CB9: gentle, elegant white for the perfect creamy neutral

Liquorice No. CB10: deep (and essential) black shade

Blue Maize No.CB11: dark yet colorful blue for bold statements and elevated aesthetics

Pea Flower Tea No.CB12: vibrant blue influenced by the trendy yet traditional butterfly pea tea

In addition to the 12 paint colors, there are also three wallpaper patterns available: Dot, Stripe, and Check. Dot can best be defined as playful with its colorful gradient and flatbed printing to create vivid textures. Stripe gives a charming, bold twist on a classic pattern for making statement  in any room. Check features a clean and vibrant geometric design that feels like any contemporary lover's dream. Each wallpaper comes printed using only the Carte Blanche collection’s paint colors.