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Farrow and Ball Introduces Eleven New Colors!


Stirabout No. 300
This warm neutral, pictured on the walls, has an underlying grey tone. It is reminiscent in color of the nurturing porridge favored for centuries in Ireland. The kitchen island is painted in another new shade named Beverly.

Eddy No. 301
This pale green color is named after the circular currents enjoyed by swimmers in lakes and oceans. It is delicate in tone but does not feel pastel.

Tailor Tack No. 302
This very light and delicate pink is the color of sewing tack used in Haute Couture ateliers. A warm alternative to basic white.

Templeton Pink No. 303
This historic-feeling pink was developed for the dining room at London’s Templeton House to offset the Wedgwood plaques made to commemorate a former owner. It has a tawny base which keeps it from feeling too feminine.

Bamboozle No. 304
The fun name for this flame-red hue comes from the deceitful traits of pirates. Full of buccaneering spirit, it’s perfect to add some joy and spirit to any room scheme.

Hopper Head No. 305
If you love Railings and Down Pipe, other dark charcoal colors from Farrow & Ball, you will adore their latest addition, Hopper Head. This color is inspired by the iron containers used to catch rainwater.

Selvedge No. 306
The latest blue is called Selvedge and is similar in tone to the highly prized denim woven on a shuttle loom to produce closed edges. It is pictured here with Hopper Head on the lower portion of the wall.

Kittiwake No. 307
Reminiscent of that other great Farrow & Ball paint color, Lulworth Blue, this new clean cool shade is inspired by the wings of noisy seabirds seen around the coves of Dorset.

Wine Dark No. 308
Homer used the term Wine Dark to describe the sea. It is inspired by midnight skies and is perfect if you are looking to create an intimate space like a bedroom or den.

Whirlybird No. 309
The papery winged tree seeds that fall from maple trees are the inspiration for this lively and playful green.

Beverly No. 310
This mid to dark green, pictured on the kitchen pantry is named in honor of a member of the Farrow & Ball team who passed away. The walls and base cabinets are in Whirlybird while the window wall is in Hopper Head.