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Measuring for Delivery

Before starting placing a custom order, consider all of the critical areas in your home including the delivery path from the entry way to the item’s final placement.

For narrow entryways, measure the total clearance length between the outside and interior walls, staircase bannisters and turns.

For deliveries using an elevator, it is important to measure the elevator interior height, opening and opposite wall distance to ensure an item will fit.

Areas to measure include:

- Exterior entry door height, width and clearance to opposite wall

- Interior doorway width and clearance to opposite wall

- Interior doorway height

- Staircase width

- Staircase corner width and clearance to opposite wall upstairs

- Staircase overhang and ceiling height

- Low hanging light fixtures

Custom orders are made to specification and can not be returned. 

ELAN is not be responsible for any custom items that do not fit at the time of delivery.